Elisabetta Delogu Bridal Designer Wedding Alta Moda Abiti da Sposa

theknotinitaly.it - Elisabetta Delogu: Timeless Elegance

6 Agosto 2019

The new collection of Elisabetta Delogu’s wedding dresses refers to this, worn by important brides, similar to goddesses of silent cinema wearing ... timeless elegance. Feminine icons that dictate their style and scratch their age. The brides of Elisabetta Delogu under the shine of silk, will dress lamé gradations from silver to platinum, pleated tulle. an harmonious line, with hairstyles held back by a crown of candid orange flowers or rose petals; the neckline is veiled or generous; the lace bodices beaded with flowers; the skirts, trailing silk, delicately embroidered, adorned with flowers.


fonte: theknotinitaly.it
link: https://www.theknotinitaly.it/blush/blush-04.pdf

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